my favorites:

For the record, this was very hard to do. I really do like almost all of them.

12-02-04 Not my best singing, but I love the cello. This one means a lot to me.
12-09-04 I think this one because the chorus is super catchy and E-Z Cheese.
12-13-04 What my friend Jeremy calls my 'rock opus'
12-22-04 Kecia's Superhero theme song. 'nuff said.
01-05-05 My favorite piano piece
03-03-05 a somewhat unfinished idea that I think has a lot of potential.. The delay on my voice is fun.
03-08-05 Another cheese-fest, I'm proud of the "You can't deny there's something in the way you look at me" line
03-24-05 favorite piano piece #2
03-31-05 I'm not enough of a singer pull the flourishes off
04-19-05 favorite piano piece #3
04-20-05 "Jeremy in Ohio" - a classic
05-04-05 Oh I forgot about this one, the chords/bg vocals in the chorus are fun
05-10-05 favorite piano piece #4
05-20-05 favorite piano piece #5
06-22-05 related to 12/2
07-28-05 I have to put one of the a cappella ones on the list. Gave myself 90 minutes to do this one.. time trial
08-30-05 favorite piano piece #6
08-31-05 The best verses I've written, at least as far as the feel of the music. I stomps.
10-17-05 favorite piano piece #7

12-15-04 total rip-off of the HP campaign, but I still like it
12-31-04 portrait of Lindsay, my first try at 'visualizing' the lighting before I set it up and actually shot it.
01-15-05 portrait of Beth
02-02-05 pretty much the only painting I'm not embarassed of
02-03-05 multiple exposures at a subway stop
02-04-05 waterdrops
03-30-05 my first attempt at 3D modelling
05-14-05 collision
06-08-05 dino-walk
06-27-05 dress me up!!
07-01-05 hummingbird
07-04-05 dragonfly
07-27-05 my frustration cartoon
08-17-05 the 12 second haircut
08-25-05 space for rent (I'm going to make t-shirts of this one)

03-02-05 My best piece of poetry
05-21-05 a conversation
09-12-05 a poem about love

entries about my father:
02-01-05 Written one day he went in for surgery
03-23-05 some words about doctors
03-31-05 I'm not enough of a singer pull the flourishes off, but alas
04-06-05 The first of the songs obviously about my dad's cancer
04-18-05 Sappy, and not well concieved, but it's on this list
04-25-05 Another sappy weeper
04-30-05 my dad as Warhol
05-01-05 the "What have you done to poor old Bill" line still kills me.
05-05-05 meaning of life rant
05-22-05 my parents at Kent Falls
06-03-05 a diatribe about the stress of his illness
06-12-05 my best true portrait of my father, taken while I was setting up lights and he wasn't posing.
06-13-05 The day we got some good news that made us believe the chemo might work
08-07-05 self-portrait #1
09-05-05 a lullaby for my father while he was in the hospital with an infection
09-13-05 self-portrait #2
09-14-05 Tangents
09-15-05 Bill Wadman (September 11, 1945 September 16, 2005)
09-18-05 inventory
09-19-05 eulogy
09-21-05 Sphere of influence
09-27-05 pretty obvious: my way of dealing with feelings of powerlessness
09-28-05 it's "We'll be fine"
09-29-05 portrait of Peaty
10-03-05 homewrecker
10-06-05 mask
10-10-05 excuse the guitar playing, but it's an expression of "I'm too tired to be sad anymore"
10-19-05 anger
10-21-05 One Dollar Bill
10-31-05 lessons