Make Moments Count

Most of what I'm about to say will be both obvious and familiar to most of you. Fitting word actually, familiar, as in "of your family". Fitting because this concerns you and how you relate to your family. And by family I include everyone in your circle of friends, as you should in this modern world in which we live.

They've all been said before and always by people smarter than me. However, they bear repeating. Enjoy the moment, every moment, because you don't know how many of them you have left. Make the most of them. Make them art. Tell people you love them. Mark occasions. Stop and smell the roses.

This is not to say that you should go out and exhaust your life savings on hookers and blow either; what I am saying is that life goes by fast, and if you spend too much time thinking about what's coming Next, you're going to miss what's happening Now. And Now is all there really is.