Due to a freak convergence of weather systems at 11:09 this morning, on the blurred line 'between', where everything fantastical happens in life, there was a full minute with blue skies above and true snow still falling down.

At first I wanted to go inside and grab my camera, to try to capture the surreal reality that was unfolding all around me. I didn't, of course, both because I knew the pictures wouldn't look like anything at all, and also because there are some moments which should be enjoyed and then allowed to pass.

Moments are neat. They're like geometric points in time. You know they're there, but by the time you try to quantify them, they've passed. Despite this fleeting temporal problem, they can also have the funny dual identity of feeling like they existed outside time in your memories.

Aside from a short diatribe on moments, today's events did also awaken the realization that transition stages in life are, just like the blue sky snow today at 11:09, pretty darn magical. They can be scary too of course, but change, and anything worth pretty much anything usually is.