My toast to Andrew and Janet on their wedding day

Good evening everyone. As you may know, Janet has done a fantastic job planning todays events, and according to volume 3, page 146 of Janet's wedding day timeline... Dave, wrong book, this is Vol 3 of the post reception/pre-honeymoon timeline!!! (Dave runs over with the right book) I've got approximately 4 minutes and 27 seconds left for the toast so I'll try keep this short

Janet and Andrew are very lucky to have found each other, actually it's Andrew that's the lucky one, he actually found a girl who will marry both him and his car.

Andrew and I have been best friends for 16 years.. over half my life. And since that fateful day he's been looking for the girl that would make him feel like the great man I, as his best friend, already knew him to be. He found her about 4 years ago. And for her part, Janet has always made me feel like I was her best friend too.

You two are here today because you love each other, and everyone else us here today because they love the two of you. Remember and savor this moment, because occasions such as these, where everyone in your life is in one place, don't come everyday.

If everyone would raise their glasses:
To Janet and Andrew, may you have a long, healthy, and above all, exceptional life together.