The Wedding Album Affair

First some music to set the tone:

For months now I've had a job to do that I just haven't had the time for. So today I make art of art.

I had intended to create my own covers from bookboard and fabric, but I searched high and low in my meager Brooklyn Apartment and came up empty on the fabric. Bookboard (check), binding posts (check), fabric ( <silence> ). I knew I had some around here somewhere.

Anyway, I ended up buying the boards already covered. I know shame on me. Here are some of the highlights:

Me actively banging my head on the desk, trying to separate Mark's suit from shadow. For the record, it didn't work.

Hot off the presses and nicely neutral gray, thanks to the ICC profiles my friend Stephane made me.

25 down 15 to go, but where do I put them?

The finished product. I said finished, not Finnish. This has nothing to do with nationality. Geez.

Everybody now, on three. 1, 2, "Awe".