Your head falls to the pillow, it lands with nary a sound
You could be here, you could be there, you could be in yet another town

This isn't where I slept yesterday and certainly not where tomorrow
I'd give anything for a long stretch in one place, be it beg, steal, or borrow

Time passes so quickly, turn around and it's gone
It's like a waking version of the night you slept and suddenly it's dawn

Don't think I'm ungrateful, I certainly appreciate it when it comes
but somehow it doesn't quench the thirst, it's like trying to satisfy yourself with crumbs

Some people have it better, most have it worse
For me to complain too much would just be perverse

It's time for me to lay down, just my dreams and I
So for now, for the next 8 hours at least, I bid you adieu, buona notte, and goodbye