A silent moment, the evening still
Abby wishes it to never stop, but of course it soon will.

To her the world is over-stimulating, energetic and sublime.
the future a college ruled notebook, empty, awaiting a storyline.

The plans are all made and the bags have been packed
all eventualities accounted for and all brains have been wracked.

We'll soon know the answer and relish the sensation
of knowing Abby's not coming back from her extended vacation

This land is too beautiful, too perfect to leave.
Just listen to the dancing sound of the waves and feel, feel the breeze.

A man paddles toward her, and flashes his smile
For a moment time stops, and that moment's a while.

Years pass on an island, and traffic ensues
Like most now she's enamored of a good pair of shoes

What more had she wanted, what more will she get.
Abby needn't have worried, she needn't to fret.

The world is her oyster, it's your oyster too.
But that's one person's words, just one point of view

Last time that we saw her, she was walking away
Perhaps we will see her again, some warm Hawaiian day.