Pet Peeves

I guess we've all got things that drive us crazy. I know I do. Today I was waiting for some friends out in front a restaurant; They were late, so I was left people watching which I don't often do. Now I remember why; People drive me crazy.

Case in point: Those cheap cell phone hands-free headsets that just sit in your ear and have a microphone in the middle of the cable, and the people that use them. The mics in these things are meant pick up your voice while it's just hanging there from your ear. But I saw two people pass me who were holding the mic up to their mouths. And all I could think was "It's called a 'hands-free' headset people; What's the point of using it if you're holding the microphone to your mouth! You might as well just hold the damn phone to your ear!".

Here are a few more:
- Printing out emails to read them
- Retyping text from one computer file to the other instead of copying and pasting
- Using "push to talk" cell phones in public places (I don't want to hear both sides of your conversation, just one is more than enough)
- Throwing lit cigarettes on the ground without stepping them out
- Littering. Especially when you're 10 feet from a trash can

I'm sure there are others, and I'm sure that the ones on my list are not the same as yours. I guess it's just another one of the wonderful things that make us unique individuals. Of course it's our individuality that makes us do those annoying things in the first place. Like most things in life it's a double-edged sword.