a possible explanation

In an effort to not to be consumed by the state of the world, I've begun this project. The idea is to create something new every day for a year. It might be an essay, or a photograph, or a piece of music, or whatever. As long as it's creative, it counts. Please spread the link around. Art has no effect if no one sees it.

You navigate by selecting a date on the calendar to the left.

The rules are simple:
The project must be creative.
This is the cardinal rule and the whole damn point.

The project must be completed entirely on that day. (rare exceptions for some source material)
I do however keep somewhat strange hours, so I have until I go to sleep to finish today's project. Sometimes they get posted at 2AM.

Every effort must be made to post the project immediately.
There are some times when I'm away from a net connection and I have to wait until I can find one.

Unless it states otherwise, it's all me.
Maybe further into this thing I'll have people come collaborate, but for now, what you see and hear is pretty much what goes on inside my head.