Week 9 My Dream House

Welcome to the house that I would live in if money, and land, and resale value were not an issue. It's a specialized space to some extent, being very open and utilitarian. In fact I think there is only one internal door (for the guest bathroom near the kitchen). It's designed to fit my needs, but I fully understand that it might not make all of you sigh with longing. <grin>

I like the feeling of open space, with only rough deliniations between rooms. Glass walls, and floor to ceiling windows abound. I'm assuming that the latest window technology actually have the R values they say they do.

Please excuse the rough 3D renderings, but I think they get the idea across.

The Floor plan

The view as you walk into the main foyer.

Entering the office / studio. Versatile exposed brick background, large windows and skylights. Studio is separated from the living room by a glass wall and the ceiling slants upward toward the brick to give more headroom at that end of the room.

The kitchen also serves as the dining area of the house and is separated from the living room by some semi-transparent fabric or rice paper. Heavier curtains could also be used to break up the space more definitively.

As seen from the back hall.

Kitchen from the Foyer.

The cathedral ceiling of the sunken living room.

Across the living room toward the kitchen.

The bedroom is separated from the main living space by a long glass hallway which looks out onto the garden.

The bedroom includes the obligatory large bathroom (frosted glass door) and walk in closet.