Week 13 - Seven Examples of Terrible Poetry



Tussled and trounced I am I am

It’s again a beginning I can I can

If it weren’t for this limp and this pain in my ass

I’d run like the wind and I’d never look back


“Hello there” I said, when I meant “How do you do”

The lady looked confused befuddled and bemused

I think she expected more, I know I certainly did

More than just this out of shape loner, just some stupid kid


Conversation continued, as if time saw to that.

We had no real choice but to keep moving on track

The goal was so obvious at the same time unclear

It’s the same one we move toward, year after year after year


In the end it had ended, as all such things do

With less of a "wow" and more a "screw you"

Again and again the wheels go around

I wish oh I wish I liked hearing it’s sound.



I can’t close my eyes without seeing you here

The hair on your upper arm, your attention stealing aura, that smug little smile

Perhaps it’s just a delayed reaction, some sort of sorrid trick of time

Unfortunately I fear it may be reality; dreamlike but cold to the touch



I can’t understand why you want me here if you don’t want me to stay

It’s hard enough to see you strong and independent of me

You’ve diverged and taken a different path down the same old road

No directions, no explanation, no sigh


I tender to think what has caused this in you

Perhaps a fear of inadequacy that screams for revenge

Or a loss of a dream that you never thought had an end

It’s sad, oh so sad, because I’ve lost a friend




If I were to say, “please stay”, would you? Could you?

If I asked for forgiveness, could you? Or should you?

If I longed for a lover would you even tell me your name?

If I asked for a friend would you tell me the same?


I told you I’d love you and would never take it back

I told you I’d find you a way to get back on track

I now know that you never considered me, anything but a fool

I now know you've got nothing to give me, you're just cold and cruel




Give back all I’ve sent you and un-sing our song

Stop thinking of the good times it’s been far too long

I ceased dreaming of your smooth skin and dark auburn hair

You’re making this harder than it should be, you know that’s not fair


I can’t stop what we’ve started, it’s not mine to do

Please help me forget you, un-say “I love you”

It’s not that I want to, it’s more that I must

One more day with thoughts of you, would just be too much




It’s tasteful to think that your emotions don’t matter

But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

From the outset I saw you levitating above the rest

Floating on a cushion of the hot air people speak about you

Truth be told, it’s silly even to mention all of this

Aching and dreaming have traditionally gotten me nowhere

Through desperate faith and an eternal sense of condition

I’ve garnered a love of the things out of my control.

It’s a tender love, divisive and strong

A man drawn and quartered, on the edge of being four pieces not one

It’s equally a menace, a straight-jacket of perception

Wrapped and buckled around my torso from now until eternity

Damn you for saying too much, for saying too little

To know moderation has never been your strong suit




See that field of white, a blanket 12 inches thick

Fathers and children bundled in arctic gear on molded plastic sleds

Tires spin and people shuffle, the slippery ground is the great equalizer

It’s not really worth venturing out.

Too cozy in bed, too warm in thought

Cupcakes and coke will have to suffice for today.

That and good conversation and I can make it through anything

As darkness descends, it’s more of the same than not

Hopefully tomorrow will bring sunshine

Which while a relief, will turn this wonderland into black sooty mess

and leave us with just the memory of a fleeting beauty a night in the making