Week 33 - More Examples of Terrible Poetry



The sky has wept everyday since you left
to save me the effort, since I I knew you were right
It used to be that my time was spent
making time for making time,
but not today, and not tomorrow

The power vacuum has been filled
sadness conquers once peaceful ground
with it comes turmoil and tepid faith
a shell of the man I was just a few hours before

The gates have been lowered, the bridges raised
and we are ready for a long cold winter
safer in the long run, less wagered, less lost.



Tell them about the time my life lost 5 seconds in a glance
see if they understand the pretense

If not, admit that your insistance on ultimate grace
has left a telling absence

Something missing in your heart, something extra in mine
a heavy burden that couldn't be left to die outside

And so it radiates, slowly, soul-ly
It's spirit disapating, sheltered by pride



Lot 497, one weared soul
31 year old exterior, minimal wear
Heart has had only one owner, but been leased out once or twice
Once owned by a true princess

Innate value? Certainly questionable
but a better fixer-upper you'll never find

I'll start the bidding at one thousand dollars



Think, if you will
carefully, but without hesitation
about the words that you choose

You only get one chance
to make a last impression
so don't squander the moment
no this moment... no this one

You've done better than expected
the commendations will be coming soon
til then, don't look back and walk away slowly
just imagine what's in there, behind the door, in the next room



An elegant patchwork
a nice turn of phrase
a glace toward the horizon
a memory of a nearly forgotten day

some say it's silly
some say it's wrong
most deal by forgetting
I choose to write really cheesy pop songs

Do with it what you like
take from me what you will
call me by absolutely any name you like
as long as that name is Bill