Week 41

"Right Across the Pond"

I searched the heavens just to find a sign
Consulted fast-talking friends of mine
A fruitless effort like the world had never seen
I stumbled blindly in the dead of night
It took your voice to restore my sight

I traveled all over hill and dale
Across ten countries on the EuroRail
But when I got back home that’s when it dawned on me
I finally found the one of whom I’m fond,
right across the pond

A dream and me and some mistletoe from sea to shining sea
I know I don’t need any help to see she’s the one for me

If someone told me it would be like this
The heaven in her eyes and in her kiss
It’s only in her arms that life feels this complete
If you leave me now, well you better come back
There’s no such thing as much too soon.
I finally found the one of whom  I’m fond,
right across the pond